• Market Intuition & Mastery

    Elevated thinking and fundamental understanding of the requirements for success are key to accurate interpretations of data. Leading the pack is walking the knife edge, don't ever slip.
  • Critical Analysis

    See the facts for what they are. Understanding your market brings you closer to the laser fine, surgical approach. While competitors spiral wildly to find a foothold. Cut through the noise and position for success.
  • Decisive Strategies

    Formulas can fail, Momentum can stall, but the math cannot lie. Paradigm shift is your friend. Avoid the mistakes of your competitors, move when they wont, strike where they cant.
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Our Legacy and Our Future

Since 1994 InQuest has provided searing analysis and future-proof strategies, covering a wide range of technologies and market trends.  We are known for having been the first to incisively shred technologies such as Rambus and Infiniband, which were later pronounced dead by the media and the industry as a whole. 

We established Platform Conference, a series of global technology conferences, which played a critical role in crafting the infrastructure and momentum behind all generations of DDR memory technology (which entirely supplanted Rambus) as well as networking technologies, mobile computing technologies, etc.

InQuest has also taken forays into other industries ranging from cellular communications, advanced medical equipment, flat panel displays, lasers, open source software development and large scale web publishing.

Our latest work is in Automotive, IoT, Precision Anti-vibration Technology, and Mobile Computing Platform Strategies.

We welcome controversy head on.